Vehicles & Electronic Balance System

Vehicles & Electronic Balance System

Transit Mixer system

Current Thế Giới Nhà Jsc., possesses over 200 trucks  as HD270 & HD380,… were made in 2009 to now. We can provide continuously concrete 24/24 to customers


Pump truck, Dumper truck systemConcrete Pump mechanic system is with 90 m3/h capacity and can lift height concrete to 120m, pump far 250m Pumping beam system is about 37m->43m with capacity 130 m3/h


Excavator System

Rubber-tyre excavator Hitachi, LX120 model with capacity 1.2m3, W270 model with capacity 2.7 m3, Komatsu WA350 with capacity 3.5 m3



Electronic balance system

The aggregate balance system is used in electronic Loadcell attains high accuracy level, this system is tested and granted certificate by Government Institution  to assure quality. All vehicle types come and leave to be tested by electronic balance system to ensure import and export goods quantity. These always are assured high accuracy.


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